8 tips: How to boost e-learning training

You have selected your new LMS and now you are creating a lot of great content for your learners. Our Geneva and Lausanne e-learning team are giving you 8 tips on training and development that can help you to boost eLearning project.


Ideas to boost your e-learning training

A great LMS and great courses are not enough to attract learners to your platform. There are few reason why learners do not come to teach themselves:

  • The courses are not up to date,

  • Lacking of time

  • Courses are to long

  • You do not promote them

  • The don’t get the goal or the purpose of the courses

So here are 9 tips form our geneva e-learning agency for your a design and course developer to make a difference and improve your KPI.

  1. Make sure you select a creative agency to turn you courses into a engaging content. Your goal is to make sur your learners are coming back.

  2. Go mobile, think mobile! Your learner will come to your platform in the car, train or even from their leaving room… so make sure all content and the course logic is suitable for mobiles. Videos and podcasts are big winners!

  3. Never stop communicating! Promote your courses by all way: newsletter, social media, corporate site, notification, online campaign… contact us we will help you!

  4. Use your own staff to promote your courses, search for testimonial, create intensive and gamification to challenge each other.

  5. Involve your top management to explain the benefit and the importance to train. Get your leaders on the board to motivate and challenge your communities.

  6. Certification is a brand exercise, your learners must be pride of been awarded. Get a leader board on the homepage, give exposure to the best. Send a email to the top manager when a learner as completed a course. Get the manager to communicate with their staff about their achievements.

  7. Invest into microlearning courses, go short, bite.sized learning opportunities.

  8. The learners must see the link between the courses and the overall company objectives. The e-learning must be link to reality.