7 e-Learning Trends for 2019

E-Learning keep developing everywhere but what is new in 2019. What should investigate and invest? Our Geneva and Lausanne e-learning team come back to you with some ideas.

E-Learning Trends from our Geneva Team

E-Learning Trends from our Geneva Team

Where to be creative and innovative? What are the new e-learning fields of investigation? We try to come back with some answers.

  1. Microlearning

    Every organisation needs to integrate the microlearning within their process and methodology. Using smaller chunk of course are easier for learner to memorize and digest. Microlearning improve the level of retention and is easier to manage for a learner. They are getting less bored and increase the level of engagement. Modules can be design with interactive elements like videos, podcasts, games, polls, infographics…

  2. A.I or Artificial Intelligence

    This is an investment not accessible to all but never the less the technology is quickly progressing and you should keep an eye on it. AI use machine brain to analyses the learner behavior and educative needs.

  3. Gamification

    Since 2 years gamification received a very positive welcome from the users of e-learning platform in Switzerland. It improve engagement. Rewarding learning seems an important factor of retention. It also improves the learner experience and we believe it will keep getting stronger. Contact our Swiss e-learning team for more information.

  4. Adaptive Learning

    This technique offers a customised and personalised learning experience. After some pre-learning test the system or algorithm determine the level and learning journey for each users. The learn is less frustrated and more challenge on courses that respond more precisely to his educative needs.

  5. Video

    Do not under estimate the power of videos, it has become a must to succeed any e-learning project. Our Swiss e-learning agency has created a special department to be able to storyboard, design, brand and produce video contents for any project and challenges.

    Video is going to be around for a long time - you all need to include it in your strategy.

  6. Mobile learning

    The use of mobile to access the web is increasing very year, Learners want the possibility to access to the courses anytime via their mobile. Videos and podcasts are an assets for these new learners. Employees wait freetime to access to the content when the are in a car, train, bus or at home.

  7. Be Visual

    Avoid heavy text courses, treat well the learner with well design content. Infographics and animation will improve the learning experience and increase the engagement and retention.