We are in the business of e-learning storytelling based in Geneva & Lausanne. Lets think about how we can bring your elearning project, engage and convert your targets while bringing to life your platform with a creative Strategy.


Defining your e Learning approach to keep learner engage

First of all you approach must be strategic, we help you think about who and how you would like to reach your audiences. We enter a workshop phase where we lead a Creative Brainstorm with your team reviewing all challenges and opportunities.



Global Strategy


We craft your courses.


Creative E-Learning Content Strategy

A roadmap to guide your COURSES PLANNING, defining your key OBJECTIVES, COURSE GOALS topics and ideas.


There is beauty in simplicity and this is why a creative strategy should always be based on a simple big idea. If we can’t explain it in a few sentences then we need go back to the drawing board until we fine tune the e-Learning Creative Strategy to a pure and logical concept.