Here at our headquarters in Geneva, we create a visual language with which we speak to your Learners. Our designers shape pedagogically sound, engaging courses that will invoke the Learners’ interest, emotion and enthusiasm. 

Let us help you build your eLearning Brand identity and discover how all the facets of your organisation can be communicated through branding.

Through dialogue with your team around your corporate identity and your eLearning targets, combined with the know-how and creativity of our dedicated team, we will create a compelling visual identity which will be authentically you.


Branding and identity for eLearning.

Although IT experts and academic minds can deliverer excellent blueprints for the course content or the back-end structuring, they may fail to deliver engaging content. Every niche has its limitations. This is why we combine the strengths of all of our team members to develop an all-around Global Strategy featuring input from experts across Video, Design, IT, Branding, Copywriting and more.

The eLearning course material we produce provide a beautifully Branded and smooth user experience across all multimedia: through infographics, podcasts, videos, text, etc. Branding templates are generated for the easy addition of materials to the course as it e.g. adds modules to expand its scope.


At TheLearning LAB we peel back all of the layers of your course goals and vision to identify your core truth; this is what will be remembered by your Learners.


Visual Identity & Branding

Your brand is the heart and soul of your eLearning project. Every visual representation of your brand - from the project name to the logo, symbols, fonts… - conveys meaning and creates an emotional connection between your Brand and your Learners. 

When designing your visual identity and developing courses, we follow a creative process tailored to delivering memorable course content:

  • We put together a thorough Creative Brief, analysing every aspect of your brand (target audience, positioning, values, mission, course goal, personas etc.)

  • We drill down to pinpoint the brand promise, which must stand out clearly through the sum of the brand’s representation in the course.

  • We build up your visual identity (logos, fonts, colours, photography, icons…)

  • We ensure that every aspect can be used across all types of communication materials (online, offline, live-steam courses and print).

  • Upon request, we can produce your ‘Brand Guidelines’, a working document to be used by any third party involved in communicating on behalf of your brand in the future.

Good branding already elevates your Brand, but great branding delivers a clear and purposeful message to build credibility. The true value of Branding is to make you stand out in a unique way.