Video and motion design are an increasingly important element for e-learning. Learners ask for video content. This is why we can cater to any need, simple, advanced, short or long. Our team can provide anything from simple tutorial clips to HD broadcast TV production Highlights. We transform live courses to online educational engaging content.


E-Learning Motion graphics

Motion graphics is an enormously powerful educative tool, because it works with a faultless formula:

Text + Animation + Audio = a clear and compelling message for your courses

By using motion graphics, you can benefit from all the advantages of Video, and even a few additional plus points which come with the ability to fully customize your content:

  • The appeal of simplicity = a gift for overstretched, over-stimulated learners

  • Get the point across and hold users’ attention by telling a story, explaining, teaching, educating…

  • Gain learner loyalty and retention thanks to better understanding and good user experience


Great courses starts with great stories. Be unique, inspire, and connect..


Video Production

The our geneva production team caters to your video production needs, whether you require live event coverage or a post event compilation, can cater to a wide range of needs including:

  • Live/ENG production

  • Special filming

  • Educational videos

  • Animation & Motion Graphics

Live Courses / Webinars

You need to have a defined content and distribution strategy going into live production. We can offer strategic support in defining and implementation a production strategy, as well as planning content distribution.

We cater to the following aspects when it comes to 

LIVE production:

  • Live Production

A turnkey solution where we provide the client with the required crew and material to produce their event live based on their  production specs. This includes the camera set-up, production facility set-up, live production, live graphics, etc.

  • TV Graphics

Production of TV graphics sets that can either be used for the live 

production or the VOD production.

  • VOD Production

This is a turnkey solution where we provide the client with the

necessary material (cameras, studio, etc...) and the staff to 

produce VOD clips directly on site of the event.

  • Broadcast

We can offer two types of broadcast solutions: (1) via satellite, (2) via internet / fiber