We believe people always look for experiences.

It is our job to help you creatE, shape and build that experience

across every pedagogical focus point, for all of your learners.

A truly effective team is a team of people who are all equally passionate about what they do. At TheLearning LAB every person you talk to is not only connected to the world of education, they all actually live it. That’s how we get into the heads of your target audiences, set realistic yet innovative goals, and develop a tailor-made experience. Passion, however, only gets you so far. The rest is down to our extensive experience and wide range of skills… and at TheLearning LAB, we have plenty of that, too!


Laurence Wedrychoski


With a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Communication and an innate ability to shape and innovate the human element of the digital experience, our Digital Brand Director Laurence expertly manages the team and brings all of her creative energy to the table. She has extensive experience in the online experience, has taught seminars and knows what learners need in order to succeed.


Mariel de Haan


Our Communications Director holds a Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing and Social Media and is an expert in the art of effective communication in online environments. Mariel also knows how people work, having been educated at the world-renowned École Hôtelière de Lausanne in the subject of hospitality. Her combination of practical and theoretical skills and know-how make her extremely suited to shaping the e-learning experience.


Pascal Willoughby-Petit


A keen communicator with an excellent eye for new opportunities and a knack for the successful development of business ventures, Pascal is a key member of the team here at TheLearning LAB. He brings a decade and a half of expertise into the team and has an innate ability to spot where business opportunities, real-world potential and great design intersect.



Associates & Staff


Jacek Kaminski
Creative Director

Gabor Alberti
Head of Video

Dorine Aileen de Haan
Designer & Strategist

Adam Reichenbach
Lead Developer

Holly Seager
Learning Designer

Marcin Borowski
Senior Designer

Jarek Pasturak
Senior Designer

Jarowslaw Olesky

Piotr Szymeczko

Marek Lenik

Gabor Peter
IT Director

Andra Ani
Project Management

Isabel Mendes
Project Management