E-learning development


We provide detailed and tailor-made guidance on the planning, designing, development & testing of online transferable skills courses and corporate e-learning, and analyse and monitor the performance of the platform as it is rolled out.

We aim to consolidated your instructional design models and learning theories while incorporating our TheLearning LAB experts’ experience in delivering and structuring e-learning courses in development contexts.


The e-learning development process



Target audience analysis, course goal tracking, learning-material effectiveness, learner persona reviews, and course structure tailoring are all part of our analysis repertoire.


Videos, podcasts, infographics, PowerPoint, graphics, polls, quizzes and gamification together make up the heart and soul of the e-learning course to engage learners.


Individual and group chat functions, audio conferences, online whiteboards, e-libraries, and other tailored solutions ensure learners feel heard and become part of a community. 



TheLearning LAB focuses on structuring our clients' course designs to meet their specified training goals.

We work on design, development and delivery activities specific to e-learning, using ISPRING to create the courses so you can easily import them into your system with SCROM. However, we are a flexible and well-rounded team, so we’re be happy to adapt to your workflow and your programs of choice!



We like Open-Source Solutions and Moodle but work with any LMS

Our IT team has developed its own solution in php, but we also own a version integrated into the Moodle structure. We have updated the look and feel and can also adapt it to your specific brand and structure needs.

Our Geneva-based e-learning specialists have reviewed the ergonometric usability and designs for improved user experience and a superb user interface, to ensure your learners don’t only take the course because they’re told to, but also because it actually motivates them to improve their own abilities and expand their knowledge.




Every project is new, and every client is different, but our philosophy always remains the same. We take the time to listen to your needs, research and fully understand your project and your specific requirements, and provide you with a tailored service that ensures your project is completed successfully. We treat your strategy and the message you wish to put across with the utmost consideration and respect, so your learners get out of the experience exactly what you want them to.

We are not “just” an agency, we are your long term partner, and you can trust us to tick every box.