TheLearning LAB is a CONTENT LAB based in Geneva and Lausanne. We deliver a License-free e-learning platform alongside all of our other services, and our knowledge transfer solution is designed to be as easy to use as possible. Our dedicated team has all the required education profiles and skills to conceive of, design, copywrite, copyedit, storyboard, film, manage and maintain all of your online courses.


Having your own platform means...

  • Unlimited access for users, without additional costs

  • A custom platform branded and adapted specifically to meet the needs of your organisation
    A fully optimised user experience (UX) and stunning layouts

  • An innovative product design vision, done your way

  • A customised Back end tailor-made for your platform


As an End-to-End e-learning solution, we offer a 360° approach with a strong focus on user experience, design and the learners’ needs.


We focus on all types of Learners, and offer learning solutions for everyone. WE UNDERSTAND DIVERSITY.

  • Visual Learners

Prefer to see graphic representations of information, and have a need for clearly visualising the relationships between ideas and concepts.

  • Auditory Learners

Prefer to hear information rather than read or see it visually, and are helped enormously by voice-overs and audioguides.

  • Reading / Written Word Learners

Prefer to read and write, as interacting with text helps them retain information, both in the sense of access to reading materials and in terms of taking notes.

  • Kinaesthetic / Tactile Learners

Prefer to learn by doing, by experiencing, and by representing, and making use of, information in a concrete and palpable manner.

Our Approach

We provide a variety of e-learning solutions which are suitable for the different types of learners, ensuring all your learners have a great experience.

We present course content in visual, auditory, written and practically employable ways, with a variety of resources available to support the learning process.

Design and animate content to add an additional layer of interactivity and dynamic elements, and gamify elements to increase user engagement.

When it comes to course design we have many strengths, and no limits.

We do:

Digital Strategy DEVELOPMENT. Video-BASED course CONTENT. Online Campaigns. ANIMATION. Video Production. Live-streaming MANAGEMENT. WEBSITE Traffic MANAGEMENT. Learner Engagement and Conversion. Branding. Custom Marketing StrategY DEVELOPMENT. Social Selling. Digital Marketing ANALYSIS. COMPLETE LEARNING SYSTEM OVERHAULs.

And much, much more…

Contact us for a free workshop, and let us show you what we can do!