Our creative and inclusive approach to e-learning makes knowledge straightforward to acquire, practical to have, and hard to forget.

We manage UX, strategy & content design. Challenge the Geneva LAB!


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Learning Management Systems & Design

Our Geneva-based team has garnered plenty of experience in e-Learning on various different levels, ranging from the creation and maintenance of e-Learning solutions to assisting Content Authors in the creation of specific assets for an existing solution.

It is no longer enough to simply educate users via your e-Learning solution - you must also engage with your community, keep them interested through interactive content, and provide a rich online education user experience.


You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.



TheLearning LAB is a GENEVA Communication and Marketing Agency Specialised in E-learning, ISPRING, ARTICULATE and MOODLE. We are based in Geneva, and have more than 15 years of experience in the business.

01. Analysis of Needs
02. E-Learning Objectives
03. Evaluate Strategies
04. E-Coaching
05. Blended E-Learning
06. Instructor Training
07. MOODLE E-Learning Expertise
08. Testing & Improvement
09. Local Geneva Support

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Our Geneva team consists of highly-skilled professionals in the e-learning and development industry.


Our Team & Mission

We are 50+ creative and dedicated professionals working to bring our clients’ educative projects to successful completion and continuation.


Some key facts on e-learning:


of companies use some form of online learning.


of students worldwide have taken an online course.

21 years

The e-learning market is over 21 years old, and still growing.


We want to challenge the online e-learning experience by combining a blended-media learning solution with a marketing approach that is capable of meaningful audience engagement.

From the development of courses to the production of media content such as videos and live captions, our Geneva instructional designers offer a range of custom solutions to meet all of your needs. We are ROI-driven, and our solutions are designed for the real world. We help organisations achieve their goals by boosting performance and positively changing audience engagement and interaction, and until we see those figures rise we are not done.

Let us help you make the most of your organisation’s e-learning potential. You bring us the challenges, we bring you our creativity, passion, know-how and solutions!

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Our Geneva-based e-learning team has been active in the field for more than 15 years, working with large organisations including FIA eLearning, World Athletics, the FIM Academy, EBU, EUROVISION, HUBLOT Training, FEI Campus, FIFA eLearning, and FIVB e-Learning… just to name a few! 

We are a highly specialised communications agency with a thorough understanding of the specific needs that surround education and online knowledge transfer. We have mastered community management, event organisation, brand management, the use of marketing tools, mobility, videography, and more.

We are strong in every corner, and we offer an all-around service from A to Z, to provide you with the very best that e-learning has to offer.

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